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Make Your School Bus Drivers The First Line of Defense

  • Elevate Student Safety 

  • Mitigate Risk

  • Improve Driver Morale

  • Easy & Quick to Implement


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What is the START program?

The School Transportation Active Threat Response Training Program (START) is designed to “target harden” school buses by training bus drivers and their aids. The START program is specifically designed to empower drivers to make sound decisions during various emergency events to include medical emergencies, physical altercations, and active shooter incidents. START instructors are safety and security experts including local law enforcement, SWAT officers, CIT officers, emergency medical personnel, behavioral analysis experts, military personnel, and mental health officials. The START program helps bring positive attention to the department of transportation, which traditionally is an under-appreciated part of the school system, and therefore making the entire district a safer place for all the children and bus drivers. 



"I hope every district will hear about this training and get the opportunity to take part in it. I feel that it was extremely educational and it was entertaining"

Shaker Hts Bus Driver

"In my 35 years I have never attended such a great program"

Bedford Schools Director of Transportation 

“I observed the training and it was extremely relevant and practical. The drivers were extremely appreciative of the quality training offered and are better prepared to handle crisis situations.”

Chagrin Falls Superintendent

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Key Learning Objectives of S.T.A.R.T.

Situational & Threat Awareness  

● Why buses are soft, easy, and good targets  

● What are the “threats” 

● Identifying suspicious behavior (people, vehicles, and items) 

Techniques & Good Safety Habits: 

● At the bus yard 

● At the school (arrival and dismissal) 

● While in transit 

● At a bus stop 

● At a sporting event or field trip 

Emergency Response Basics 

● Emergency communication  

● Knowing the safety equipment on board 

Introduction to Active Threat Response 

● Gunman outside of the bus 

● Gun on the bus 

● Active Shooter on the Bus 

Crisis Intervention Training: 

• Self-Regulation 

• Body language 

• Active listening 

• Mirroring 

• Tone of voice 

• Conversation cues & strategies 

• Mental illness and illegal Drug Use 

Responding to active threats 

• Being the “first responder” 

• Maintaining control of the situation  

• Recognizing the sound of gunfire  

• Interrupting an active shooter on board (DCC: De-Stabilize, Contact, & Commands) 

Suspicious Items 

● Proper response to someone who may have a weapon in their bag 

● Proper response if someone locates any suspicious items on the bus (drugs, weapons,  & explosive device) 


Juvenile Behavioral Intelligence - Secret Service based research  

● Recognizing behaviors of concern 

● Prevention through reporting 

● Drivers are a key part of “the system” 

● Drivers are stakeholders  

● Soft Targets 


Dealing with physical altercations 

● Addressing bullying on the bus 

● Developing trust with the passengers 

● Dealing with hostile parents & domestic violence related incidents (child  custody/kidnapping) 

● Evacuation & locking down with the bus 

Trauma First Aid

● CPR, AED, & Trauma First Aid 

● Stop the Bleed (wounding dressing & tourniquet use) 

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The S.T.A.R.T. program is brought to you by: Levine Security Solutions, LLC


230 S Franklin St, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022, USA


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School Bus & Children

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